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Happy New Year!

Did you receive a shiny new Apple gift? I have seen a lot of happy new Mac users through our doors in the past few weeks.

If you are looking to make a New Year’s resolution this year a good choice would be to make sure you are backing up your data! I have had a lot of people talking about lost pictures over the holidays. We have ordered extra stock on many LaCie hard drives. This is a great way to make sure you won’t lose any important photos or documents in 2011!

The new year is also a great time to start something fresh. I have included some helpful links to help out any new Apple users. is a great resource for tutorials and walk through videos on all Apple products. This is a great way to learn about all the new and up coming products and features for your Mac!

Please feel free to check it out:

With the busy holiday season behind us, now is a great opportunity to come in and see us. Not only do we have more time to spend with each customer but we have great stock on most products!

On that note…

Happy New Year from all of us at Mac Outpost!

Scott Henry
Apple Product Professional, Mac Outpost


Apple Facetime

I'm Scott Henry, Mac Outpost's newest Apple Product Professional. I have been working at Mac Outpost for a few months now and I love my job. One of the best things about being an Apple Product Professional is that I get to stay up to date (and play with) all the coolest new Apple products.

I would like to take some time to talk about a revolutionary new application Apple has just come out with: FaceTime.

FaceTime is a new Application that allows users to chat in real time, Face-2-Face. The really cool feature of this App is the fact that any Mac user with a device that has a camera can use it. The even cooler feature? It is FREE.

Now some people may say live cyber chatting has been around for a long time and talking to someone over a web cam is nothing new. The thing that really makes FaceTime stand out is that it also works on the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4. This allows any Apple user to talk to someone live, on the go, anywhere in the world that has a WiFi connection.

So next time you are picking up something from the grocery store and forget what brand your wife likes best use FaceTime and show her the selection. Let her pick the product live and you need don't take any heat when you get home!

FaceTime has really opened up the options we have for live chatting and since it's a free application, do yourself a favor and try it out today. After all, it is always more personal to have a conversation face to face.

On that note, come in and see me anytime and we can chat about all the awesome products we have to offer here at Mac Outpost. Hope to talk to you soon!

Scott Henry
Apple Product Professional, Mac Outpost

Apple link:


No More Tears: The Story of Backups

Just as a quick introduction; I am Paul Fletcher, the Service Manager here at Mac Outpost. As a techie, I have worn many varying hats over my 8 years as an IT Professional. I have a varied amount of responsibilities here at the store but, the primary one is that of being the customer-facing technician that records what you - the client - is experiencing with your machine and how our service department is going to best be able to resolve/assist you with your issue(s).

My primary goal with this blog and all subsequent entries will be to share with you the reader, the basics to having a stable, hassle-free, mutually agreeable experience with your technology. Of course, mainly as it pertains to your Apple computers.

Now this may come as a shock to you (or maybe not so much) that there are still a large amount of our clients out there who do not have a backup system in place or even more astonishingly (because they have one!) do not put into practice the external drive they have into regular use! This being said, it's no wonder that at least once a week, I am faced with puffy-eyed, distraught people at my counter who all oddly enough know what the Folder with the flashing question mark means. Yes, you guessed it; a failed/failing hard drive. At this point, after finding out that they don't have a backup or don't use the one they have I provide for them their options for data recovery. This is also when I reach under my counter for the box of tissues. Let's face it, data recovery is not cheap. It is time intensive and the utilities that are used are very expensive. And even with data recovery, nothing is guaranteed.

How could the woe-begotten client have avoided this? You ask. The answer is really quite simple. Now before I answer I want to quickly state that all external drives are a solution to this. The trick is, how do you make sure (especially for those of you who own laptops) that your backups are done regularly and the drive connected everyday to accomplish this? The answer for most of us, that are busy from the time we wake up for our day until the time we close our eyes, there is no sure-fire way to accomplish this. However, Apple has provided us with the perfect solution. It's called the Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule simply put, gives you the functionality of a Class N Wireless dual-band router with a hard drive that starts at 1 TB in size and also comes in a 2 TB flavor. The dual-band functionality is great for those of you who have older machines or devices that communicate with an older wireless technology because it will not slow down the rest of your wireless network to accommodate for the slower devices. "But, I already have a router in my house." you state, hoping to catch me off guard. Well, there are a couple of responses to that statement:

A) This maybe the perfect time to upgrade your wireless network at home and

A) If you have a new wireless router already installed at your house, you can in most cases simply join the Time Capsule to the existing network!

What you have is an external drive that you do not have to remember to connect your desktop or laptop to. As soon as you join your wireless network and configure the Time Machine application you are all set. From the moment of initial setup you no longer have to worry about your system being backed up.

I welcome questions and comments and look forward to my next installment here at the Mac Outpost blog. You can call me at the store or send me an email to


Golf Tournament a Success!

Thanks to all that participated in Last week’s Mac Outpost / LCN Golf tournament. Fun was had by all (in some cases a little too much fun)! Our thanks to Bob Clarkson from What’s Up Communications, Jason Recker from LCN and Larry Hill from Mac Outpost for making the event a great success. For more photos of the event click here!


Mac Museum Project


We are accumulating older and more significant Mac models for our upcoming museum project here at Mac Outpost.  Currently we only have a few items on display (some of them are upstairs in Peter and John’s office), but our intention is to eventually have a dedicated display space in the showroom to showcase the evolution of the Macintosh!

Mac Outpost accepts donations of Apple Macintosh equipment!  We are currently looking for a few key items that you may have in your closet/basement!  Please review the list below and consider donating your little piece of Mac history!

Current Needs:

Lisa Models
Original 128k Mac
Original 512k Mac 

Macintosh II Series 
Macintosh Centris Series
Mac Mini (with G4 Processor)
Power Mac G4 Cube (with power adapter if possible)

iBook (original G3 Blue, Orange, Green, Graphite) - in working condition only please 
iBook G3/G4 (White, 12”/14”) - in working condition only please
Macintosh Powerbook 190
Macintosh Powerbook G4 Titanium (Good working condition only please)
Powerbook G4 12” Models
Powebook G4 15” Models

Mac Servers, Older Xserve G4

Apple Quicktake Camera
Older iPods of any kind
Original Apple Imagewriter 
Mice/Keyboards, Older but in good condition
Apple Newton Messagepads
Apple Scanners

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