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Thoughts on "the cloud"

The most remarkable changes in Macs in recent years have been with the operating system, iCloud, and how your Apple gear interacts with the software. These advances might leave you in the dust, wondering HOW to set this up, how to use it, and what to do if it’s not working correctly. No worries at all. I’m here to help!

Apple ID:

The Apple ID is perhaps the most significant change.  Gone are the days where one Apple ID per family was all we needed. Here’s why: Your Apple ID identifies you as a unique individual. It follows you throughout your life, even if your email address changes (a simple account update is all that’s needed if that happens.)  Not only is it your download history of everything you’ve ever downloaded on every Apple device you have (and used to have), but it’s also the ID used for messages, FaceTime calls, your photos, your music, and iCloud.


This brings me to “the cloud!”  While it’s not necessarily essential to know WHAT iCloud is, it’s beneficial to know what it can do for you.

Our devices these days are digital filing cabinets. They hold our photos, documents, schedules, to-do lists, address books and digital conversations (emails, texts and social media). The power in iCloud comes from LINKING our digital world through our Apple ID. Sounds cool doesn’t it?  All our little bits of data on all our devices ... and all remaining synchronized ... all in real time. Best of all, there’s always a digital copy in the cloud that can be retrieved if catastrophe strikes and your hardware is lost or damaged.

“Virginia, just make it WORK!”

If you’ve been a Mac Outpost fan for a while now you’re likely already aware that we offer personalized Mac training on a wide array of topics. It’s interesting to note though, that there is a growing need for Mac users who want their computer world simplified. A properly configured “cloud” is part of the answer.

Sometimes new to Mac, and sometimes a long time user who have recently upgraded to new software and feel lost, I customize a session of troubleshooting and training to make your gear work FOR you. Put an end to the frustration and book a personalized Mac training session with me today!

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