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Apple TV 4K

My Friends,

Finally, its that time of year again --
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening (I sincerely I hope not!)

However as per usual this time of year your favourite sales associate, dare I say the people’s sales associate, is back with yet another informative, witty blog to warm your spirits this holiday season.

Now most of you likely find my face synonymous with speakers, headphones, and more of the audio realm our company provides, today that is not the case.
I’d like to go a little off the board (for me) and talk about the BRAND NEW Apple TV 4K!

Considering the vast growth of 4K video content available out there, as well as hardware that offers support this is a terrific upgrade made by our friends at Apple.
Not to mention the new Apple TV 4k offers support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) ergo makes for brighter images, over a wider range of lightning conditions for better colour rendering.
In laymen's terms the images pop! Provided you have a screen that supports it :)

Two of my favourite specs for the Apple geek in all of us (myself included)

- A10X Fusion processor, which you got it, is the same processor currently powering the iPad Pro models!
- 3GB of RAM so you can ensure if choosing to stream 4K video content, which requires a lot of power, you'll have little to no issues doing so

Lastly, I've been waiting for Apple to provide a means of support in regards to iOS games that can be played on a device that’s NOT hand held.
Giving us the option now to download, store and play games in a console setting/environment is life changing.

The Nimbus controller while resembling that of its competitors has a terrific feel, and really turns the experience to that of a full fledged video game console.

So in closing, it’s that time of year again --

Gifts wrapped under the tree, hot cocoa on the stove, warm nights by the fire place, family holiday festivities, and of course that one aunt or uncle every family has that drinks a little too much red wine. (kidding, but in my family I'm most certainly not, Love you Aunt Jane)

Do me a favour, sit around with family and friends, pop on the Apple TV 4K and enjoy the holiday season accordingly.

Happy Holiday Season --

Sincerely, your favourite sales associate here at Mac Outpost.

Brendan H.


Apple ID and You

An Apple ID is in essence your passport to all things Apple.  It authenticates iCloud, iTunes, iTunes Home Sharing, Apple Music, iMessage, FaceTime, synchronizes your contacts across your devices, verifies your identify, and is even used  to make reservations for a service appointment. A lot right? In fact it’s used for so many things that it’s important that you know it as well as keep your Apple ID up to date.

The two parts to an Apple ID:

Part one is your email address.  If your email address ever changes, you can update the records.  A common mistake is to make a brand new one, and unfortunately for those who do this the hurdles it creates are hard to overcome.

Part two is the password that authenticates it (or grants you access to the Apple ecosystem.)

Most people create their first Apple ID when they set up their first device (computer, iPhone, iPad etc). You’ll fill in some further information, including three security questions, name, address, date of birth and so forth.

This may sound like a lot of personal information to hand over — and yes it is — but it is all relevant and becomes useful down the road.

Recovering lost passwords:

 For security reasons, your password isn’t stored anywhere. In fact there’s no way to retrieve it. If you have forgotten the password for your Apple ID (and we all do from time to time) it can be reset at the “I forgot” section of the Apple ID web site.

 If you have forgotten both parts (the email address as well as the password) this presents a greater challenge and you might get locked out of the device entirely.

In conclusion, the important thing is to keep track of your password. If you forget it, it’s time to get a new one. Without knowing your password it’s much like losing the keys to the car.  If you’re stuck and don’t know the next steps let’s arrange a tech session in one of our stores.  Contact me with your questions!


Brendan Loves Beats!

 Hey Gang -- Well, well, well, its that time of year again! The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the water is cool...

A personal favourite activity of mine this time of year is getting out to the local parks, beaches, patios, for some outdoor activity. This is where my Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones come into play!

I like to think of myself as a pretty active person when I "want to be" (see what I did there) and in thinking/doing so, my Powerbeats3 are never too far from me.

Whether playing basketball, going for a jog, headed to the gym for a light, and I mean VERY light work out, (again, see what I did there) these babies are absolutely ideal.

For me, the best features have to be the up to 12 hours in battery life, and the powerful dynamic sound that such a small earphone can produce.

Now obviously, being a super active, model citizen of health and exercise like I am (I won't even say it..) you're probably thinking: "But Brendan, how can you possibly be so super active and healthy, moving all day and night??  What do you do when you're home and need to charge your Powerbeats3 wireless..."

That, my friends, is where my Beats Pill+ comes into play, and boy does it ever!  I could go on and on about the up to 12 hour battery life!  I could talk about stereo active 2-way crossover system built to produce optimized sound and range, but we've been there!  I won't even get into the fact it comes in Product Red...we'll be here all night! 

Rather than be redundant, I will rather just simply suggest you stop by Mac Outpost/Outpost2 in the near future and check these items out, along with our other Beats offerings.

We even have some demo units on display that you can test and try out as well, to determine exactly which headphone/earphone/speaker is right for you.

So again, another year, another beats blog by your good buddy Brendan.

Take care folks!


Thoughts on "the cloud"

The most remarkable changes in Macs in recent years have been with the operating system, iCloud, and how your Apple gear interacts with the software. These advances might leave you in the dust, wondering HOW to set this up, how to use it, and what to do if it’s not working correctly. No worries at all. I’m here to help!

Apple ID:

The Apple ID is perhaps the most significant change.  Gone are the days where one Apple ID per family was all we needed. Here’s why: Your Apple ID identifies you as a unique individual. It follows you throughout your life, even if your email address changes (a simple account update is all that’s needed if that happens.)  Not only is it your download history of everything you’ve ever downloaded on every Apple device you have (and used to have), but it’s also the ID used for messages, FaceTime calls, your photos, your music, and iCloud.


This brings me to “the cloud!”  While it’s not necessarily essential to know WHAT iCloud is, it’s beneficial to know what it can do for you.

Our devices these days are digital filing cabinets. They hold our photos, documents, schedules, to-do lists, address books and digital conversations (emails, texts and social media). The power in iCloud comes from LINKING our digital world through our Apple ID. Sounds cool doesn’t it?  All our little bits of data on all our devices ... and all remaining synchronized ... all in real time. Best of all, there’s always a digital copy in the cloud that can be retrieved if catastrophe strikes and your hardware is lost or damaged.

“Virginia, just make it WORK!”

If you’ve been a Mac Outpost fan for a while now you’re likely already aware that we offer personalized Mac training on a wide array of topics. It’s interesting to note though, that there is a growing need for Mac users who want their computer world simplified. A properly configured “cloud” is part of the answer.

Sometimes new to Mac, and sometimes a long time user who have recently upgraded to new software and feel lost, I customize a session of troubleshooting and training to make your gear work FOR you. Put an end to the frustration and book a personalized Mac training session with me today!


What Is USB-C?

You may have noticed that the new models in the MacBook Pro lineup all feature the new USB-C connector. What is this connector and why do we need it?

USB-C is not an Apple product, but was developed by the USB Implementers Forum, of which Apple is a member, and is a group of more than 700 companies that have developed and certified the new standard. Apple’s MagSafe and Lightning connectors were limited to their own products but the USB-C connector has a much wider implementation and has been included in some computer systems since early 2015.

But what about the connector itself? Recent model computers are much slimmer, and the older style connectors are simply too large for current design. The speed of USB-C is twice that of USB 3.0, but it can also handle simultaneous power and video signals so it can support  a variety of signals like HDMI. Future implementations are also expected to carry audio. Similar to the Lightning and MagSafe connector, there is no way to get a wrong connection as the plug works either way up. And USB-C cables are the same at both ends which means you can use them with many different devices.

USB-C also supports Thunderbolt 3 which has a bandwidth of 40Gbps. What does that mean? Well, with a single cable you can theoretically power, and supply video signal to, two 4K video displays. The new 15” MacBook Pro has four of these connectors and each will support video, data or power.

Just as the original USB specification replaced Apple’s old Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) and SCSI connectors, along with PS/2 and serial ports on PC’s, the USB-C connector is the new high-performance all-in-one connector.

There are many adapters available that will help you connect existing peripherals to a new MacBook Pro and there are more adapters coming. We can help you work out what you need!